About the Academy

About Academy

Welcome to the website of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE; London, UK)!


In traditional understanding the Academy is some high-class inaccessible institution, where very smart and sometimes too gloomy experts work on the serious modern problems in the field of science and education. Well, in many aspects this description of the academic institution seems actually right.

However, this is only true about the traditional Academies, as their fundamental principles have been laid back in Ancient Greece and haven’t really changed since.


But time spares nothing passive, petrified and archaic. Modern social processes are very complex and intensive. Effective implementation of old forms and methods of organization of science and education is currently simply impossible. In such conditions we cannot speak about any positive influence of the majority of Academies on the global intellectual development. Unfortunately science as the organized sphere of activity, including the level of classical Academies, has long ago left the forefront of social development.


Most of the modern revolutionary discoveries and inventions are based on personal creativity and bright individuality of certain thinkers who keep up with the times or even outrun the modern science. Innovative and venture businesses also significantly affect the scientific evolution.

As to the scientific organizations, they are simply too formal, bureaucratic and arrogant. They do not set the real goals and keep admiring the irrelevant former achievements of their members.


Unlike the others, the International Academy of Science and Higher Education located in London, UK, is first of all the international scientific and educational institution of a new type. The Academy does not gather the formal scientists to isolate them from the society. We are open for all thinkers wishing to develop their intellectual strengths and promote the global science.


The Academy was established not to speak about the glory of its members, but to develop and implement programs which would further be useful for students, educators, experts and scholars in improvement of their knowledge, development of creative thinking, qualification improvement, development of international mobility, professional recognition and growth.


The Academy is also implementing dozens of innovative projects with different goals and objectives. Irrespective of the age and social status, participants of our projects are given the opportunity to legalize their educational and scientific documents at the international level, certify their knowledge and substantiate it with international documents, present their original ideas on the international level, get their qualification recognized, acquire doctoral degrees and academic titles for innovative original research, actively participate in international scientific and professional cooperation, develop international academic and professional mobility.


If you really want to expand the horizons of your expertise and reach real goals, you definitely should believe in yourself and start cooperating with the Academy.


Remember that science is for everyone. If you think in a creative way, if you admire knowledge, if you can work hard, if you have the progressive goal, then you can become an effective researcher, and we are here to help you.


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