What we do

What we do

You can find a lot of intellectual projects in the world. Most of them are short-term events, focused on acquisition or improvement of certain skills and knowledge by their participants. Some of them are based on assessment of knowledge of their participants. 


We believe that all kinds of effective intellectual projects are useful. This is the field, where different events together positively influence the public consciousness. However, you won’t find many field-specific projects, which effectively combine educational, scientific, innovative, communicative, and professional elements, as well as the ability to present and publish scientific papers and acquire titles. It is very difficult to find complex scientific and educational projects which provide equal opportunities to both prominent scientists and those only at the initial stages of their career, irrespective of their country of origin, social status and financial situation. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to find instruments for wide publication of certain interesting ideas and innovations, as well as their international promotion and recognition. 


If you’ve been looking for these and many other important features, you should definitely take a look at the projects of the IASHE (in the past — the “GISAP” project, and now — the “PlatoNicK” project). The GISAP project was launched (in 2011) by the International Academy of Science and Higher Education, located in London, UK. In 2021, the GISAP project was reformed (improved) and transformed into the PlatoNicK project. In the framework of these projects all key decisions related to assessment and certification are objectively made by the wide international community of experts. No formal, personal or other specific factors of a destructive nature can anyhow affect these decisions. 


The PlatoNick project is structured in a special way, which allows its participants with different levels of education to benefit from the entire set of mechanisms for development of educational qualifications and conducting the full cycle of scientific activity. Moreover, the project can promote the individual development of the personality throughout many years. 


In the framework of the project we arrange conferences, congresses and championships in scientific analytics. We also publish collections of scientific papers and professional journals. Apart from that the project offers professional assessment of quality of original papers, certification of knowledge, different educational, doctoral and academic programs, formalization of titles and qualifications, scientific discussions, instruments of intellectual cooperation, development of professional and academic mobility. 


At the very heart of the PlatoNick project there is a system of championships in scientific analytics. These events are based on competition. Throughout history most of the social events and processes have been based on competition, that is why competition is very important as the basis of the humanity’s global progress. Conservative models of thinking or lack of self-confidence make some people be afraid of competition in creative events. But in fact only free competition between scholars and comprehensive assessment of original papers by independent experts can ensure the impartiality, objectivity, general accessibility and progressive nature of the project. 


Diligent, persistent and creatively thinking people can easily use the PlatoNick project to develop their careers, acquire international recognition, and make new professional and creative achievements. 


However, we believe that innovations of the Academy can positively affect the development of educational systems and scientific processes around the globe. One of the Academy’s priorities is to provide assistance to students, scholars and professionals in developing their international mobility and improving their level of knowledge and expertise. International recognition of educational and scientific degrees, as well as the innovations, is another goal of the Academy. 


In projects of the Academy participants can only acquire prizes, qualifications and titles, if they show proper diligence, creativity and knowledge. But we believe that the hard work and innovations are not something frightening. Of course, every person will always choose the path of least resistance, but we encourage you to work and prove your qualification! Anyway, for everyone who really likes to acquire new knowledge and has the sufficient intellectual potential, all this is actually not difficult at all. To be honest, this is the way it has to be in the scientific and educational field. 


Thus, our projects are related to the qualification. You can obtain many useful options, but all of them assume international assessment of your knowledge and scientific creativity. 


All projects of the Academy are easy to join, transparent, and free from any unreasonable limitations and privileges. 


Remember that personal success in life, just like the progress of the entire humanity, requires inspirational actions and bold moves!


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