Projects in development

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Project Initiatives

Currently, the Academy is actively developing the following new projects:

Information about new projects of the Academy is provided at the special request of the interested persons.

uHive project

Recently the Academy has launched a new project called uHive. It is the innovative platform where we can offer the exclusive further education programs and create conditions for distribution of original courses of lectures composed by educators from around the world, thus contributing to practical development of teaching skills of these individuals.


The uHive project can be divided into 2 sets of resources: resources for students and resources for educators.

For potential students the uHive project can be interesting because it allows enrolling in original further education programs offered by talented scholars and practitioners. The method of offering these materials is not regulated in any way, so the authors of these courses are free to be creative. 

Students of the project can study the educational materials and pass the qualification testing at the pace they choose themselves. The special international certificate verifies the fact of studying in the project and the learning outcome.

After studying in the uHive project the students can undergo the certification in the Academy in the framework of the corresponding programs (“Take an international exam” or “International attestation-based legalization of qualifications”). Successful students will be granted the British certificate or the further education diploma of the Academy, the Europass Diploma Supplement and the Europass Mobility. 

Their original scientific papers will be published in one of the Academy’s editions. All these possibilities allow the uHive graduates to improve their educational qualification, find new opportunities in expanding their international mobility, and to get professional advantages in the labor market

Experienced scientists, talented young scholars and practitioners without any teaching experience, but able to be creative and to build the original educational courses can develop their teaching practice in the framework of the uHive project by widely distributing their ideas related to different scientific and educational issues. 

Moreover, the information platform of the project is a mechanism of testing of lecture materials before they are further used by the Academy in other educational projects, including the International Analytical University of Extensive Knowledge.

The teaching practice in the framework of the uHive project is taken into account when educators are certified in the course of the Academy’s professorship program.

Let me remind you that there are eight professor’s titles in the system of the Academy: from the Deputy Professor to the Grand Professor. This complex system of educational statuses creates the effective platform for improvement of the level of educational qualification and constant development of the teacher’s status of the program participants.

The prospects of development and commercial implementation of innovations of the PlatoNicK project in the adjacent spheres of social life and economy

The universal mechanisms of functioning of the PlatoNicK project allow quickly developing the similar exclusive means (presentation, publication, collective organization, competitiveness, encouragement and recognition, reviewing, certification, promotion, communications and cooperation, mobility) of organizing the professional interactions in almost all areas of creative work (using not only literary, but also a visual (video) format of publication of works, when necessary): music and vocals (composers and performers), literature (writers and poets); dance (choreographers and performers); visual arts; theater and motion picture (producers, directors, actors, etc.); circus and original art; variety art; television, radio and video programs; design; architecture; programming; business ideas (creation of business projects); inventions.


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