Additional programs

Additional programs


The Academy offers the international approbation (approbation (practical implementation) of original innovations. The innovations are implemented after the author of the corresponding scientific report, presented in the championship in scientific analytics of the PLATONICK, submits the relevant application to the Academy. According to the established rules, the author must write an extended innovative abstract to his or her report, which is considered to be the object of implementation, in English and in any other language of international communication. 


The electronic version of the relevant scientific paper includes the innovative abstract of this paper in two languages chosen by the author, as well as the special link — request for international approbation (practical implementation) . 


The corresponding original scientific paper is considered to have successfully passed the approbation (practical implementation) if its average expert assessment score during the scientific and analytical championship is over 7.0, and if at least three scholars (experts or participants of championships) have clicked the “implementation button”. These scholars and the author of the report must not share the same place of work or study. 


There can be a situation when more than three scholars activate the “implementation button”. In this case the corresponding scientific paper is considered to have successfully completed the approbation (practical implementation) in the Academy and in the International Union of Commerce and Industry (London, UK). 


If the approbation (practical implementation) is not supported by participants of the PLATONICK project, this procedure can be initiated and conducted by the Academy together with its partners. 


Completion of the international approbation (practical implementation) of a scientific study is formalized by the international certification act of the Academy. In this act practical results of implementation are described and their scientific appraisal is given. The physically published version of the scientific paper includes the icon “International approbation (practical implementation)”.



There are two kinds of the scientific traineeship in the Academy.


The scientific traineeship has educational nature and assumes that the trainee must submit three interconnected original scientific papers in English in the framework of field-specific scientific and analytical events of the Academy. If the average expert assessment score of these scientific papers in the field-specific championship in scientific analytics is over 7.0, the scientific traineeship will be considered successful. If the result is over 8.0, the trainee will be additionally granted the qualification “International expert-consultant” in the corresponding branch of science and the diploma of the Academy. The results of the scientific traineeship are calculated in the ECTS credits. The trainee is provided with the Certificate or the Diploma of the Academy, the Europass Diploma Supplement, and the Europass Mobility. In addition original scientific papers of the trainee are published in British scientific editions of the Academy.


The teaching traineeship assumes that the trainee must prepare the original course of video lectures in accordance with rules and standards of the educational project of the Academy called uHive. If this course of lectures is positively appraised by experts and by participants of uHive project, this course of lectures will be included into the educational program of the International Analytical University of Extensive Knowledge, and the trainee will be offered to join the University as the lecturer on the basis of the corresponding contract. The results of the teaching traineeship are formalized by the Certificate of the Academy and the Europass Mobility.

Practical implementation of original innovations

The Academy practically implements the original innovations in the framework of the PLATONICK project in accordance with the following algorithm: