In its existence science does not recognize artificial (territorial and formal) boundaries and contrived obstacles to development. Science simply must not have them for the sake of progress and future of the humanity! Because such obstacles only impoverish the collective social intelligence, deprive it of creative impulses and development potential! 


In addition, all destructive formalities in the scientific (and educational) process always have signs of discrimination, infringement of civil rights, democracy and unshakable liberal values of humanity. 


Elimination of such problems in international science is one of the main goals of our Academy. 


That is why our projects totally deny any forms of discrimination, formalism, bureaucracy and corruption. All programs are based on transparency, professionalism, self-management of participants and joint making of key decisions. 


We are fundamentally opposed to the idea of dividing national scientific schools and researchers into levels of significance depending on the conditional “prestige” of countries. 


That is why, despite the fact that the basic “working” language of our projects is English, in our blog we duplicate some of the materials of this website into Russian. 


This is due to the fact that in the vast, quite significant (in the global scientific context) and predominantly Russian-speaking «post-Soviet space», many people traditionally do not speak English well.


The Russian-language version of the information of this section of the site for residents of the countries of the post-Soviet space