Project publications


In the framework of the PLATONICK project we offer the multistage system of appraisal of scientific papers and their quality. There are several alternative ways to publish original studies in our project.


In international collections of scientific papers, which are published by the Academy in the UK, we publish original scientific papers presented in the framework of international scientific conferences and championships in scientific analytics of the PLATONICK project. These collections are issued in electronic and printed formats and have two British ISBN numbers correspondingly.


In collections of scientific works we publish original scientific papers, characterized by the required quality of information statement and the level of reasonableness of ideas and conclusions. Scientific papers will only be published in collections if during the championships in scientific analytics they are positively appraised by experts and the editorial boards. Results of professional discussions during the international scientific conferences also affect the chance of publication.


Another important point is that in the framework of the PLATONICK project we conduct the anti-plagiarism analysis of materials using the special software. Scientific papers with poor level of originality are not published in printed editions.


A scientific study submitted in the framework of the PLATONICK project may be published in the field-specific scientific journal of the Academy. If a certain paper is given the highest grade by experts during the scientific and analytical championship, such paper will be automatically subject to publication in a corresponding journal. Thus, such works written by winners of championships will at first be published in collections, and later — in the corresponding journals. 12 field-specific scientific journals of the Academy are issued in electronic and printed formats, so that every journal has two British ISSN numbers.


Original scientific papers, which have not been submitted to the corresponding championship in scientific analytics, and therefore have not been appraised by experts, can still be published in the Academy’s journals, but only after successful completion of the reviewing procedure. In a similar way the Academy offers publication of original monographs.


One should bear in mind that periodicals traditionally have more significant scale of scientometric indexing, then the non-periodical editions. This is explained by the fact, that most of the authoritative databases cover only journals and track the ranking of their publications throughout the long period of time. Therefore, professional scientometric indexes of journals are always a result of many years of analysis of citation of materials published in these journals.


All original scientific papers presented in the framework of the PLATONICK project are uploaded to our official website. In addition, innovative abstracts of the best works are also published on the websites of different projects launched by the Academy, on the corresponding pages in social networks, and in different editions of the Academy as independent materials. We also send innovative abstracts of the best scientific papers to authoritative organizations around the globe in the form of innovative notes.


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