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General information on conferences

Scientific conferences are events that cover different subjects and fields. Scientists and experts in the corresponding areas of knowledge take part in these events. In the framework of conferences their participants jointly discuss the submitted papers and issues of professional interest. The Academy creates conditions for cooperation between participants of conferences aimed at solution of problems related to the subject of the specific conference. Finally reports of the conference participants and collective statements are published. 


In the framework of the PLATONICK project, in addition to the championship in scientific analytics, the conference is the alternative way to participate in scientific events of the project. 


Proceedings of scientific conferences of the PLATONICK project are published in the British collections of scientific papers. 


Participants of conferences receive international certificates. 


And the same time, using the special features of the PLATONICK project, organizers of any scientific conference can use the platform of the project to hold their event. They can transform their event into the international program of qualification improvement or further education. This can be done using the independent expert appraisal and the anti-plagiarism analysis of original papers of participants of such a conference. 


In this case proceedings of the conference may be published in the British publishing house of the Academy. 


Taking into account the quality and the number of submitted original scientific papers, as well as the corresponding expert assessment marks, participants of such conferences may be granted the relevant certificates and diplomas of the Academy, as well as the Europass Diploma Supplement and the Europass Mobility, which will fully comply with the requirements of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System.



The Conferences in 12 scientific branches are held simultaneously throughout the year, and continuously every year. They are divided into 7 sections. For each scientific branch, 3 four-month thematic conferences (sessions) are held throughout the year. A paper can be submitted by a participant at any time. Thematic or combined collections of scientific papers are published. The best original papers are published in the journals of the IASHE.

Session 1 (January-April) — the first set of scientific conferences in the current calendar year in 7 sections, 12 scientific branches (7 conferences);


Session 2 (May-August) — the second set of scientific conferences in the current calendar year in 7 sections, 12 scientific branches (7 conferences);


Session 3 (September-December) — the third set of scientific conferences in the current calendar year in 7 sections, 12 scientific branches (7 conferences).

Section 1

Educational sciences / Psychological Sciences

Section 2

Philological Sciences

Section 3

Culturology, Sports and Art History / History and Philosophy

Section 4

Economics, Jurisprudence and Management / Sociological, Political and Military Sciences

Section 5

Medical Science and Pharmacology / Biology, Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Sciences

Section 6

Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry / Earth and Space Sciences

Section 7

Technical Sciences, Construction and Architecture

One of the latest innovative initiatives of the Academy in the field of science and education is a project for the implementation of unique events on social networks — the International Intellectual and Analytical Εἶδος Conference.


More information on this topic can be found in the presentations, regulations and the business plan available on the website.


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