International Scientific Congress of the Academy is the permanent interdisciplinary scientific and analytical forum for professional scientists and experts in different fields.


Congress of the Academy is not a one-time event, but an extensive and lasting project, which is implemented in the interactive form. 


Structurally the Congress is divided into sections, which are connected to the branches of science. Every section is divided into sessions which cover different topics. 


The field-specific Congresses are guided by the Curators. These are authoritative scientific and educational organizations or individual scientists. Curators initiate the field-specific Congresses and supervise these events in accordance with the established rules. 


During the Congress sessions the discussions between scientists and experts in different fields are arranged. These discussions are aimed at solution of pressing theoretical and practical problems and also at the development of specific recommendations on how to overcome these problems. 


Statements and phrases of participants of the Congress are appraised by other participants of the discussion. 


As soon as the session comes to its logical end, the curator prepares the Congress Resolution, which must be further approved by its participants. These resolutions are published by the Academy as independent editions, and sent to authoritative organizations working in the respective fields. 


Upon the initiative of the third parties, or the clients, the Congresses may function in the mode of the so-called Congress Laboratories. These events are focused on solution of the specific scientific problems stated by the client. 

Scientific Congress Documents

All active participants of the Congress are given personal certificates of the Academy. The three best participants of the session are given the Golden, Silver and the Bronze diplomas, devoted to the world famous scientists, who have made a significant contribution to the development of the corresponding scientific branch. 

Types of International scientific Congresses of the IASHE:

1) Innovative congresses: Global Forum and Congress Laboratory; 2) Adaptive congresses — full-time (offline) format of implementation of individual programs and activities of the IASHE. 


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