research effectiveness ranking

In the course of the PLATONICK project and after holding the championships in scientific analytics of different kinds and levels, the Academy calculates individual and collective, national and international scientific rankings. 


Rankings of the Academy are not based on personal opinions and individual preferences of an insignificant number of authoritative experts. They are based on objective assessment of creative activity and achievements of researchers throughout a long period of time. 


To build the rankings here in the Academy we use information about the intensity and outcome of participation of certain researchers, who represent certain universities and countries, in championships in scientific analytics of the PLATONICK project. 


The Academy calculates national, continental and the world rankings. 


The scientific progress is obviously predetermined by activity and efficiency of creative efforts of scientists. Therefore, rankings of the Academy are also conditionally divided into rankings of activity and rankings of efficiency.

All top positions in the rankings of the Academy bring the ranking diplomas and the honorary awards to the corresponding persons.


More information about the rankings of the Academy is provided at the special request of the interested persons.


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