"Authoritative" programs

Authoritative programs

General characteristics

The Authority programs are primarily related to the specific procedure of acquiring the membership in the Academy. But under the similar principles, they can be implemented as a special “honorary” form of the doctoral and professorial programs.


The so-called “Authority” programs of the Academy are aimed at recognition of significant achievements of the corresponding persons in the field of science and public work. This recognition assumes that such persons are granted the academic status title of the second title category.


The authority programs do not have any educational load and do not assume any actual certification of knowledge or skills of applicants.


In the framework of these programs recognition of the academic competence of the applicant is based on projection of his or her achievements in these spheres on determination of correspondence of his or her qualification to the certification requirements of the Academy.


The Academic Authority program is based on recognition and assumption of the high quality of the large-scale and widely known scientific, educational, social and administrative activities of a certain person in the field of science, education or promotion of the global intellectual progress.


The main peculiarities of the program are the following:

Humanitarian authority program is based on recognition of high social significance of an authoritative public or political figure, who significantly affects the positive development of social processes and the solution of the pressing modern problems. 


The program is characterized by the following main specific features:

The degree of correspondence of the applicant’s qualification to the certification requirements and also the degree of his or her prominence in the scientific and educational environment are determined by the decision of the Senate of the Academy upon recommendation of the Chief Scientific Secretary of the Academy. 


The applicant, who has managed to complete this program, doesn’t have to confirm the status title every year.


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