Expert communities

Expert communities

Any person with high level of knowledge and skills in the certain branch of science can become the expert of the PLATONICK project in the corresponding field. Any expert must be able to provide objective comparative study and assessment of field-specific scientific papers. 


Experts play a key role in determination of results of championships in scientific analytics of different levels and types. 


The Academy authorizes the corresponding expert to study and professionally assess the certain set of scientific papers on behalf of the Academy. This is the scope of expert control. 


Every person involved in the project as an expert is provided with the corresponding International Expert Certificate issued by the Academy. 


Usually the Academy invites not less than three and not more than seven experts to work on every stage of a championship of any level and type. These experts form the expert groups with the specific scope of expert control. 


Scientific papers are appraised by experts using the 10-point grading scale. 


A person, who works as the expert at a certain stage of a championship in scientific analytics, can also be a participant of this championship, and submit the relevant original scientific paper. In this case the scientific paper submitted by this expert will be appraised using the special algorithm, which ensures equality of the championship participants and impartiality of expert assessment. 


The experts can comment the works they review and ask authors of these works different questions related to contents of their studies, if such actions can ensure the maximum possible objectivity of the reviewing process. 


The expert must be objective and impartial. His or her work must be built on the basis of criteria and priorities established by the Academy for objective expert appraisal. 


The legal status of international experts, the full list of their rights and obligations, as well as the basic criteria of assessment of scientific papers have been established in the General regulations on conducting championships in scientific analytics, approved by the Academy. 


For professional and effective implementation of their duties, the experts are provided with different preferences and privileges in the PLATONICK project, as well as the additional credits. Their expert categories may be improved as well. 


It is worth mentioning that in the PLATONICK project scientific papers are appraised not only by professional experts, but also by the open international community of experts. This community includes all participants of the certain stage of the field-specific championship in scientific analytics. According to the rules of the PLATONICK project, just like the experts, every participant of the championship must objectively assess the works of other participants within his or her section. 


The final mark, which is basically the result of a specific championship, includes both the marks given by the experts and those given by other participants of the championship. This final mark is calculated using the special complex formula. 


All experts, performing their duties in the PLATONICK project honestly and effectively for a long period of time, are rewarded with different privileges, prize options and the honorary title categories.


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